The Veiled Rebecca

The Salar Jung Museum at Hyderabad houses some of the finest things that exist currently, and one of them is the sculpture of a graceful lady, the Veiled Rebecca (Veiled Rebekah). The man behind this beauty is an Italian sculptor, Giovani Maria Benzoni.
Rebecca is a veiled bride, and all the bridal grace can be seen so well on her face. It is a life size statue, carved from a single block of marble. Benzoni made four such statues, and the other three are housed in museums across the globe.
What struck me the most was the detailing. God! The way her dress 'flows' down is amazing. And that this 'flow' can be so aptly depicted with marble is unimaginable. The lace details, the hem of her dress- wow! See the pictures closely to understand this bit.
This new AC gallery that was inaugurated in 2007, is usually teeming with people, eager for a selfie with Rebecca in the background, as this is one of the most famous parts of the museum. Take your time, hang around, and make sure you have a close look at the marvel.

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