Showers of Blessings

Hello folks! I'm back from an enriching, soulful experience called Kashi.

The past week has been an exhilarating one. Five years ago, if I felt Hardwar was chaos, then, Kashi is Madness. And yet, there is an order to the madness. It was the chaos experienced in Haridwar that prompted me to put down my thoughts on this space, to write my First Post on the Ganges. And it this Madness, that has yet again, given me that push to resume writing!

There is a rush of ideas, mix of thoughts, umpteen things to be written about. And yet, I face a block. I'm unable to find the right words to express what I want to. And I'm afraid, I will not do justice to Kashi. Which is why, I shall be a little slow. I want to do this systematically. 

For now, I leave you with one picture among the 2k-odd pictures that I shot. This is the last bit of the beautiful Aarti ceremony, held each evening at the ghats, to pay homage to the River Goddess, Maa Ganga. 

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