Ten Reasons to Love the World

Well, what is there to not #LoveTheWorld?
I know the title is quite a cliche. You would think this is just another one of those ten things to do this... and 25 things to do that... kind of post. Not really. Though it may appear to be. 

Though I'm not yet a #WorldTraveller, I aspire to be one, some day. This is a collection of my personal #Exploration and experiences; these photographs have been collated to put together ten reasons, why I love MY world!
The reasons to love the world we live in may be different for each person. For me, it's about the rich experience gained from meeting people. It's about learning new cultures and ways of life. It's about looking at Mother Nature's creation around us, marvellous, serene and picturesque. It's about various forts and palaces and places of worship, created by gifted craftsmen, hundreds of years ago. It's about the rich flora and fauna, unique to each locale. And of course, it's about the delectable cuisine that each place has to offer.

Do you really think a lifetime is enough to experience all this? Seems practically impossible. 
Scroll through to have a look at my favourite experiences, closest to my heart.

Why do I love MY world?

Because Mother Nature does not cease to amaze.

Be it the enchanting snow-capped mountains that shine bright as the morning rays kiss them awake. Or the mountains that appear blue, frozen in time. The Rainbows that light up the sky, sending cheer all around, or the heavy clouds that mask it, to unveil a freshness beyond.
Where else will you find such vistas?
Clockwise from left: View of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling; Eravikulam National Park, Munnar; River Gurupur, Mangalore; Western Ghats, Uttara Kannada.

Because of these soul-stirring ancient customs, and the significance they carry.

Because these customs have been handed down from one generation to the next, refusing to not vanish, even with modernisation. Because it is pure passion and devotion that drives these men and women to follow these customs, and to ensure to pass it on to GenNext. And it is practices like these that adds to the richness of each place, making it unique.
Clockwise from left: Spirit Worship ritual (Bhoota kola); Buffalo race (Kambala); Ganga Aarti ceremony at Banaras, Worship to Mother Goddess on Gowri Pooja

Because of these Fierce and Genteel celestial beings.

In your busy schedule, do you stop by to look at the Sunrise, and the Sunset- nature's two wonders that happen relentlessly, each day? Does it make you ponder on the fact that this has been happening since the Inception, and will continue to do so, Forever, if there is something called forever. Do you stop by to look at the vibrant hues that paint the sky at dawn and dusk?
Do you see the Moon on a full moon night to see the bunny sitting pretty? Do you watch an eclipse and realize how insignificant you are, in the Universes' order of things?
For me, watching the first rays of the sun pointing out of the clouds, throwing beams across the sky, over the Ganges was a surreal experience. Watching the lunar eclipse in January was another such experience. 

Clockwise from left: Sunrise over the Ganga, Banaras; the Super-Blue-Blood moon, January 2018; Sunset at Ganeshgule, Maharasthra; Storm of clouds looming over the Arabian Sea; Sunset at Kochi  

Because of something called Man's Creativity.

If Mother Nature has given us life, Man has added purpose to it. Art and poetry are facets that add meaning to life. Again, each place offers you a wide array of experiences to be experienced. Whether it is watching a danseuse lose herself in praise of Lord Krishna, as she performs an ancient dance form that transcends time. Or folk artists that light up the night with their brilliant performances, be it the Yakshagana or the Kathakali. Or listening to artists that make you lose yourself in music, as they take you on a journey filled with different notes. Or immersing yourself in a writer's imaginary world, into a realm far beyond. 

Clockwise from left: The residence of Rabindranath Tagore; Odissi performance , artiste: Ms Dalai; Music by the Ganges, Banaras; Yakshagana performance through the night.

Because of the Flora and Fauna, whose world Man competes for.

Because these creatures are responsible for the world being beautiful. Because it is the green cover that keeps us alive. Because the early morning freshness as you drive through a forest is something that cannot be effectively described, and can only be experienced. Because the Bulbul who sets up her home on your balcony, is Nature's way of reaching out to you.

Clockwise from left: Feathered war at Mangalajodi wetlands, Odisha; A strutting peacock amidst rich rice fields; Bulbul in my balcony; Sunlight cutting through dense vegetation at Someshwar Rainforest, Karnataka.

Because, PEOPLE.

People. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Spare a moment to talk to locals, that's the best way to learn about a place you're visiting, and not some fancy, glossy travel magazine. Because the Boatman on your ride across the Ganges or the Dal Lake will tell you more stories than the fancy 'tourist guide'. Because the aged bangle seller will tell you how the city has developed over the years. Because the ladies selling their fresh backyard produce by the highway, will tell you juicy local gossip. Because the ash smeared Sadhu will give you a striking look and pose for your camera. Because interacting with people broadens your horizons, making you more #Openminded.

Clockwise from left: Bangle seller, old Hyderabad city; Vegetable sellers, Goa; Boatman over the Yamuna, Prayag (Allahabad); Children, Kashmir; Sea of people, Banaras; Boatman, Kashmir; a child Monk in theTibetan colony, Kushalnagar, Mysore.

Because My World is so colorful!

Whether it is the pinks and the reds and the violets, or even the blacks, flowers make life so colorful, and fragrant.Whether it is the exotic orchid, or the humble jasmine, these pretty little things, soothe the troubled mind.
Shot across various spots in Kashmir

Because, beauty also lies in the hands of the Creator.

Because these structures are testimony to the past, to the lives led, to the wars fought, to the love lost or won, to the deities worshipped, to the lands ruled, to the voyages made. These structures are testimony to the gifted hands and craftsmen, who spent a lifetime carving beauty from a slab of stone. Because the magnificence of these structures makes you want to see more of such magnificent structures, and explore the world.
Clockwise from left: Mangaltorana at Muktesvara Temple, Bhubaneswar; Life of the Buddha, Sarnath; The Taj, Agra; Elephant carvings at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

Because, Blue is Life.

These fresh water bodies are marvels of their own accord. It is no wonder that many cultures worship these bodies, whether it's the Ganges, the Amazon, or the Nile. Because watching the calm flow makes your mind more calm. Because my World is the only planet to house this precious element made of hydrogen and oxygen.
Clockwise from left: River Aghanashini, Karnataka; Dal Lake, Srinagar; River Beas, Himachal Pradesh; Chilika Lake, Odisha; The mighty Ganges, Haridwar

Because, FOOD!

As much as I detest using this expression, last, but most definitely NOT the least, I love the cuisine that each place offers. I may or may not like certain things, but I always try the local speciality at each place. And many a times, I travel only to sample new flavours. Be it sipping on some aromatic Kahwa amidst the mountains in Kashmir, or gorging on some giant lobsters as the sea breeze touches you, the food experience is the best part of travel for me.

AND, I love this world because it has my two pillars of strength, the Men in my life, My Dad, and My Husband.

I once again wonder, if a lifetime is enough to experience the wonders this wide world has to offer? This is the fire to my #TravelInspiration, this is the passion that drives me and makes me want to visit places, and one day, to be a #WorldTraveller. What I've outlined above is a collection from the limited travels I've made across my beautiful country. 

Did I inspire you enough to make you want to visit a few of these places?

This beautiful video describes why I #SayYesToTheworld, aptly:

This post has been written as a part of #SayYesToTheWorld, a #BloggerContest by Lufthansa. Being open minded to the various ways of the world helps one to be more accepting and make living a rich experience. How has it helped you?

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  1. Very nice interpretation of life, loved the logic and the captures, specially the sky watch(Sun and M00n) captures are amazing.

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  4. You have certainly compiled a wide array of reasons and backed by photo, to argue why should we love world. I am in love already.

  5. Agree.. So much to explore in this world and we're stuck with some silly issues


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