A Morning Rendezvous with the Ganges

Sharing an enriching experience here along with a few select photographs of what I like to refer to as, a rendezvous with the Ganges- I believe the Ganges herself is an enigmatic being, who has been there since time immemorial. She has seen it all, the rise and fall of various dynasties what the West loves to refer to as Mythology (a term that I have come to detest), and in Indian modern history, yet again, the rise and fall of several leaders. She has had both ancient and recent saints coming to her to meditate, to wash away their sins, and to pray for their success. 
 Break of Dawn over the Ganges

I for one have been fascinated by her since a long time, and this fascination has only increased since my first meeting with her five years ago, which inspired me to start writing in this space. A few experiences have stayed with me, and one such experience is the early morning boat rides that we took along the Ghats. At the end of my week-long stay at Kashi, I deduced that one of the the best ways to experience Kashi is to float over the Ganges, before Dawn, so as to be able to catch the Sunrise. And I was lucky, that I was blessed with a clear sky on that particular day. 
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The Ghats bathed in the Morning light
Yoga at Shankaracharya Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat, a poignant scene

The crisp morning air tickling my nose, chants being heard in the distance, people young and old meditating along the Ghats, early morning Aarti to the River Goddess, and finally, loads of firewood being brought in to the Manikarnika Ghat, to burn the dead, something that has been going on since centuries without a break, are all sights and scenes that I shall remember for a long long time to come. 

I can go on waxing eloquent, but I won't for the fear of sounding superfluous. But if I do sound so, let me tell you it is very well deserved. Such is the charm of this place called Kashi, and this elegant Lady called Ganga.

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