What's in a Name?

What's in a name, it is oft said. Probably everything, or maybe nothing!

When I started this blog sometime back, I didn't know what was the purpose of even having one! I just claimed the name 'piyukamath' and the URL beginning with 'piyukamath', before someone else did- that was the sole reason I opened an account on Blogger. And for completion, since I had to name the page something, but couldn't think of anything in particular, I thought of something completely random- Here, There, and Everywhere. Well, I slowly liked it or rather, got used to it, and the name stuck. This space then lay dormant for a couple of years before I made my first post public in 2013.

Somehow from the last couple of years since I began blogging regularly and seriously, I had been thinking of changing the name from something random, to something more specific. But what would I name it? I don't blog about essentially any particular core topic, flitting from travel to food to philosophy. Hence I couldn't think of anything, and yet again, the name stuck. 
A few moments ago, it was a sudden thought which turned into an idea, and now, the idea stuck- things somehow always seem to stick! I always wanted to make the page more personal, and hence I decided to use my husband's last name. I didn't officially change my name after marriage, as the documents and hassles involved were too much, and the time on our hands was too less. But I always liked using his last name, for reasons unknown to me. And that's the reason I have decided to say goodbye to Here, There, and Everywhere, and welcome, Shanbhags' Diaries

Background info.: Shanbhag, a common Saraswat surname, is a variant of Shenai, Shenvi, or Shenoy, and usage of either of these depends on where one hails from along the western Coast (Goa, North Canara, South Canara, Kerala). Wikipedia tells me that Shenoys traditionally were involved in city administration; besides, Shenoy also means a writer. I especially like the latter part. 

Shanbhags' Diaries will be a journal of our experiences, our travel, the food we love, etc.- basically the essence remains the same. As my husband is not much of a writer or for that matter, a social media person, the writing will continue to be mine, but the ideas sometimes will be his. Yet again, I did think of starting a separate Blog for recipes, but the idea of having yet another blog related to cooking, amidst the sea of many, was somehow not appealing. And I'm still a novice in the kitchen to start a Cookery blog of my own. Therefore, the theme of this space remains unchanged.

The only thing that will change is the name, which is why I ask again, as I did at the beginning of this post, what's in a name?


P.S: Please do let me know what you think of the new name!

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  1. Shanbhags' Diaries sounds good 👍

  2. Loved the name " Shanbhags' Diaries "

  3. I am a regular reader of your blog from 2015 and always liked your post, when you disappeared from blog and again returned with the surname i wondered who that blogger is!!!!! and realized you have got married so surname changed.
    It was nice read to go through your journey of blogging.

    1. Thanks so much Jyotirmoy, it does mean a lot. Will try to keep putting up more often, as well maintaining the content quality.

  4. Well, now you're cool, just like me :p


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