You CAN do it!

Yet again, after three months of regular blogging, I go back to slacking. Well, I didn't exactly be lazy on purpose. The past few months have been a bit overwhelming and crazy. Ill health, hospitalization and the related errands, interspersed with a little bit of family misunderstandings- the realization of how fragile our entire set up of day-to-day perfection is, was the biggest lesson learnt. It doesn't take long for the entire system to just collapse.

Yet, the past months have been nothing short of a practical examination, with the examiner being Life herself. She has been a tough examiner with no leniency. It is in these times of adversity, have I realized what the indomitable human spirit is. Hell, it probably has brought out the Philosopher in me! The help rendered by various people in these times has left me feeling blessed. The emotional and moral support from the significant other has only made me love him more. Probably it is only when we're faced with an unexpected difficult event, that our real potential is realized. 

Well, the events have been scary. I have cried myself to sleep on innumerable days, when the future seemed uncertain. I have bottled up emotions for the fear of sounding pessimistic or negative. I have journalised all the emotions not expressed. And I have prayed. I have prayed like never before. I have come to realize how powerful Prayer can be. I don't know if God exists, but for me He does. And probably the act of praying itself gives one more confidence to face the circumstances. This bit holds true for me.

The unpleasant times have subsided a bit, and a new normal has been set. And somehow I am trying to mould and gel into this new set up. And I sincerely hope to be able to devote some time to this space, among various other things. Thanks to those of you who wrote to me with your concerned messages, it does mean a lot.



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