Fort Reis Magos, Goa

Fort Reis Magos is a fort set on the Northern banks of the river Mandovi, that can be been from Panjim city, as a beautiful red laterite stone structure, surrounded by coconut trees. Sitting strong in Bardez, it lies close to the Resi Magos Church; Reis Magos refers to the biblical Three Wise Men.

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The outer walls of the fort

The Portuguese built the fort, before the one at Aguada. The view from this place is excellent, and the golden light at Sunset can be visually very charming. One can just sit there for a long time, doing nothing, enjoying the cool evening breeze.
Panoramic views from the fort

The place is maintained quite well, and I couldn't spot the usual eye sores of paan stains and empty chips packets. A frangipani tree in the courtyard lends an artistic touch to the area. There are various rooms, labelled too, like the Solitary confinement cell which had a beautiful river view, the Armory cell, etc. The entire place is white washed, and is very appealing. There are many cannons placed in the fort, which left me imagining how things might have been, in those times when these cannons were actually used to fire at invading ships on the Mandovi.
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At one spot, there is a beautifully carved wrought iron staircase. And then, there's a long long flight of stairs that lead from the fort, right to the jetty on river Mandovi. All around the fort, the paths are maintained very well, and are perfect for a lazy evening stroll. And the golden evening hues at Sunset, bathe the area in a warm cozy glow.


There is one section dedicated to Mario Miranda, the well known Goan artist. Also, at the entrance desk, one can pick up Mario Miranda souvenirs as well.

Have you been to Reis Magos fort? What do you like the most about this place. For me, the location and the view- these are the things about Reis Magos fort that will draw me back there!

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