Rice Roti on Banana Leaf (Cholke Bhakri)

Since the weekend is here, I thought I'll put up a recipe, for you to try on Sunday. Here's something I learnt from my Aunt, an expert in the art of cooking; she in turn learnt the finer skills and secrets of cooking from her Mother (my Grand-mum) - my Aunt always says no one can make this particular dish the way her Mum used to make it, even at the age of 85. Spreading the batter evenly on the banana leaves is an art that she had mastered perfectly.

Cholke Bhakri, as we call it in Konkani, is by and large a favourite family breakfast, and a very simple yet delicious affair. The added flavor is courtesy the banana leaves used to prepare the rice rottis.

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Wash, dry and cut banana leaves into equal, square shaped pieces.

Here's what you need:
*Rice flour (fine)
*Grated coconut - fresh, tender scrapings only

Mix the above into a thick soft paste with water; add salt as per your taste. It should not be watery, else it will not sit firmly on the banana leaves. At the same time, it should not be too 'pasty' either, as you won't be able to evenly spread it. That's the reason for adding butter and only finely grated coconut.

Once you make the thick batter, it is spread evenly on the banana leaves cut into a square shape, and covered with an equal sized leaf. Rest for 10 minutes.

The banana leaf containing the batter is placed as is on a hot tawa. The distinct aroma is unmissable. When it is roasted enough, flip it carefully onto the other side (again roast over the banana leaf itself). Once it's roasted well, it looks firm.

Serve immediately, over the roast banana leaf. It's best eaten hot, with ghee and masala chutney powder, spread evenly across (see the first picture).

If you happen to try this, do drop by to tell me your experience.


  1. Never tasted this one. Look interesting. I will inform my better half to prepare it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Seems a must try one,combination were beyond my knowledge.


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