Memories, a Reflection

"When someone you love becomes a memory,the memory becomes a treasure..."

This post comes in the aftermath of losing three loved ones, in close succession.
One of Dad's elder siblings, my Aunt who was a mix of a mother-grandmotherly figure to me, and two of my Dad's cousins, brothers, left us in the span of last three months. It is still hard to digest what has happened. The emotions have been so high, that all I could think of is to put it down in words, and that made me open my blog, after this very long hiatus.

Life in 2019 has been busier than ever before. Lot of changes, setting up a place of our own, work, research, exams have kept both of us on our toes. It's been more than a year since we took even a weekend off, forget a full fledged vacation. This has also meant that the time being devoted to family and our extended family has taken a backseat. Weekly visits to meet my uncle turned into monthly ones, and now, almost nil. 

I feel guilty. But there's no other way I could have managed. It got too overwhelming at times. But now, one day after the third death in three months, I've begun reflecting. Everyone is ageing. People are getting older. Treasure people. Meet them. Make memories. Before you lose someone that meant something to you. Once someone is gone, the fact that you couldn't make time for them will hit you hard. And there'll be nothing that can be done. Nothing. Nothing except sitting back and reliving old memories. 

Written in loving memory of Meerakka, Bab Mhanthu, Mohan Mhanthu.

Om Shanti 🙏


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