The Clock Strikes TWELVE!

This particular clock, just like The Veiled Rebecca is a star attraction at the Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad. That's because just before the end of each hour, a little bearded man pops out of a door, indicates the time by striking a gong, and goes back. There's another little man on the right, a blacksmith, who strikes seconds with a hammer, without any break, ALL the time. 
And the best part is it's all mechanical! 

Watch this short video shot when the clock struck twelve!
Closer view: 
This English Bracket Clock is supposed to have been made in England, assembled in Calcutta in the 19th century (later part). It was later acquired by Salar Jung III in the 20th century from the Cooke and Kelvey Co
(You can have a look at some of their exquisite collections HERE). 
This interesting clock has more than 350 parts, and is enriched with beautifully wrought metallic mounts. There are three big dials for the day, month and year; it chimes every fifteen minutes as well. 
No wonder, a large crowd collects every hour, the maximum being at the 12 noon (to see Mr. Beard strike the gong 12 times). Make sure you get a front row seat at least half hour in advance, if you're aiming for the 12 o'clock show! 
When we went there, the school children were extra excited and recited the numbers as he struck the clock and kept cheering so loudly, that the whole atmosphere was so vibrant and infectious! And at the end of the twelfth strike, the whole hall erupted into a raucous cheer!
If you plan to visit this place, do make that extra effort to time your visit so as to catch the Bearded Man striking Noon!


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