The To (Not) - Do List!

It is hardly two weeks into 2020, and I'm already facing the heat. The year sure looks challenging, both on the work and home front. However, a common thing I face is, if I've been productive and completing all the assignments/chores for three days at a stretch, there's bound to be a typical 'slacking' day. Nothing gets done. Nothing.

Of course, it does not mean that I would be procrastinating at work. It simply means that I would take thrice the amount of time I normally take, to get the simplest of the things done. It would involve long periods of time when I find myself blankly staring at the screen, at a loss of words on what to write next. I might zone out for a bit. I may not even feel hungry. Is this normal, I wonder.

And here comes the magical "to-do list"! The highly fertile, ever growing list. The list shows a positive trend, always. So much so, that I even have a main list, and sub-lists. And yet, many a things just remain that- entries on this list!

Are you faced with this kinda predicament at times?


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