Dangar: Frying up leaves!

After the Knotty Affair, another recipe post so soon? Well yes. That's because I tried this last evening, and it turned out so nice (much better than what I expected), that I couldn't resist putting it up here. 
A friend would often remark that we konkanis like to fry anything available; if someone in Carstreet fried grass and sold it, we'd relish that too! Now, I realise he's right!

What you need:
-Two handfuls of roughly chopped leaves* 
-Masala: Toor dal (1/2 cup), Rice (1/2 cup), Red chillies (15-18, depends on how spicy you want it to be), Tamarind (grape sized lump), Hing (raisin sized lump)
(*leaves: traditionally prepared with tora leaves called Thaikilo in Konkani, or drumstick leaves. Last evening, I used red amaranthus and spinach/palak)
Masala Preparation:
-Soak the rice and toor dal together, for about an hour
-Grind it along with chillies, tamarind and asafoetida
-It should be as dry as possible, using minimum quantity of water
-If it ends up too watery, you can add some besan (chickpea flour) or rice flour to thicken it up

Mix the masala with the finely chopped leaves. You should be able to make small lemon sized balls that retain shape when you gently drop them into the hot oil- you should adjust the consistency accordingly.
Heat oil in a kadai; I use coconut oil usually, you can use whichever you're used to.
Drop the balls slowly and fry on medium flame. 
The colour turning dark-ish indicates that it's cooked well.

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