Knotty Affair: Ganti Bhuthi

Time for a recipe post. This time it is the seasonal specialty (monsoon) made with Colocasia leaves, ganti bhuthi.
Gaanti in konkani means knots. Basically this is a thick gravy curry made by shaping tender colocasia leaves into a knot.

What you need:
*Colocasia leaves, about 25 to 30
*Masala ingredients:
   - Coconut gratings  (of about 3/4th of a coconut)
   - Red chillies (about 12-14/ as per your liking of spiciness level)
   - Tamarind - a grape sized lump
   - Garlic peeled - about 6-7 cloves
   - Coriander seeds, 1 teaspoon (un-roasted)

Grind all the masala ingredients into a thick paste and keep aside 
Wash and dry the leaves well. Drying it for a longer while makes it lose it's 'crunchiness' and makes knotting it easier.
If the leaf stalk is hard, you need to slowly prise it off taking care not to tear the leaves. 
Roll each leaf longitudinally, and make a simple knot. 

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You can dry steam the knots in a pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles to reduce the cooking time.
Mix the knots and the gravy, add salt as per taste, and cook on medium-low flame, with occasional stirring.
When cooked, the leaves should not have the fibrous-feeling. (It is important to cook it well, otherwise, the throat may feel itchy on consumption.)
Once done, drizzle a tea spoon of coconut oil and cover. 
Let it sit for sometime for the flavours to mix well.
Best relished with hoon hoon sheeth and dalitoy! (Hot rice and dal)

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